Shaun Smith’s Top Ten Tips for Deploying CEM

This week Shaun Smith posted an article on CustomerThink titled, “Top Ten Tips for Deploying CEM.” As Shaun points out, execution is the often the hardest part of creating a branded customer experience. That’s because you must mobilize employees at all levels and align competing agendas, functions and executives. Drawing on his experience with leading […]

Gartner’s Seven Initiatives to Improve Customer Experience

According to a recent worldwide survey by Gartner Executive Programmes (EXP), Targeting, attracting, and retaining new customers remains a top priority for chief information officers (CIOs) in 2008. To this cause, Gartner outlines seven types of organizational initiatives to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction: 1. Act on feedback, deploy changes and communicate actions to employees […]

Unconventional Approaches to Competitive Positioning

In the Gartner Voice podcast, New Approaches to Competitive Positioning, Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst Colleen Young looks at uncommon approaches innovative companies have used to consistently beat their competition. While many organizations focus on products, finance, marketing or sales, Colleen examines leading companies that defy conventional wisdom — they focus on operations. “It’s really […]

Customer Experience Lessons From Geek Squad Founder

If you’re unfamiliar with Geek Squad, they offer branded computer repair services and accessories and are now a subsidiary of Best Buy. Everything about the Geek Squad brand pays tribute law enforcement agencies – from job titles to uniforms. For example, Geek Squad employees are known as “agents” and are assigned law enforcement type titles […]

Health Advocate Bridges Customer Experience Gap

The current issue of 1to1 Magazine studies companies that deliver truly personal customer experience by phone. One of these companies is Health Advocate, an advocacy and assistance service company that addresses issues Americans encounter while accessing the nation’s complex healthcare and health insurance systems. Staffed by medical and claims experts that worked in the provider […]

Global Decline in Contact Center Customer Satisfaction

While contact centers may exist to serve the customer, the Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report 2006, sponsored by Dimension Data shows 12% of all contact centers don’t even know their overall customer satisfaction score. And for those that do know, the news may not be good. This eighth annual study finds customer satisfaction scores are […]

SuperBowl Commercials – Persuasive or just Entertaining?

Thanks to the invention of Tivo, I rarely see TV commercials anymore. The one exception is the SuperBowl. Like many of you, I watch every commercial for the creativity and entertainment value. But how many of these ads will actually drive the audience to action? Apparently very few. Doug Hall (Eureka Ranch CEO and perhaps […]

Top online shoe retailer built on customer-centric culture

If you’re not familiar with online shoe retailer, you soon will be. With 4 million customers (40% male incidentally), the company has doubled sales every year since its 1999 start and is on track to hit $600M this year. How did Zappos become No.1? They offer a great selection and focus on delivering the […]

Macy’s struggles to keep loyal Marshall Fields shoppers

Federated Department Stores acquired the 60-store Marshall Fields in 2005 and last September announced “All Marshall Field’s stores will convert to the Macy’s nameplate in fall 2006.” Several hundred other acquired May department store brands like Kaufmann’s and Filene’s were also converted to Macy’s as part of a strategy to create a national department store […]

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