Customer Experience: The next hurdle for ACOs

Guided interactions, standardized treatments, and shortening the revenue cycle can help ACOs and Medical Homes provide a better patient and caregiver experience.

Are You Spending Too Much On Your QA?

Can Total Quality Management (TQM) be applied to the contact center?

The short answer to this question is an emphatic YES!

Combatting Employee Boredom in the Contact Center

Think about your contact centers, they’re normally a bustling center of (hopefully positive) activity. Your employees are taking calls, solving problems and engaging customers. But are your employees — your biggest asset in the contact center — bored?

Do your employees know your value statement?

Values are the bedrock of your contact center. There should be no question that every employee in the contact center knows what the organization stands for, why the organization is there, and what their value to the organization is.

Is disengagement spreading to your top performers?

Last week, Brian Flagg talked about a game he like to play when he makes a customer service call into contact centers. He tries to guess whether or not the agent he’s talking to is a satisfied employee or a disengaged one. Let’s take this game one step further – after you figure out what type of employee you’re talking to, what do you imagine their working environment is like.

What type of contact center employee are you talking to?

I like to play a game whenever I call a contact center. I try to imagine who I’m talking to on the other end.

Cincom Expert Listed as Top CRM Influencer

In life there are influences that impact the big picture; the same is true with CRM

Executive Interview with Brian Flagg Featured on

Flagg discusses customer service issues and his recommended route to improve customer service and increase loyalty to your brand.

Cincom talks IBM ties at Impact2012

Randy Saunders discusses Cincom’s Smarter Interactions with Matias Rico from IBM

Cincom Synchrony Joins IBM PureSystems Category of Expert Integrated Systems

IBM partnership will allow both companies to focus on strengths to benefit current and future customers accelerate implementation times, and reduce operation and maintenance efforts

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