A Warning to Contact Centers: Give Power Back to the People

These tried-and-true methods could improve your relationships with your customers. How would you build a customer experience strategy to engage, inspire and guide?

“Contact Center Excellence” Author Shares Insights for Getting to World Class

Brian Flagg’s new book, “Contact Center Excellence: Standing Out From The Crowd,” will help you drive your contact center to a world class level.

Cincom Synchrony Joins IBM PureSystems Category of Expert Integrated Systems

IBM partnership will allow both companies to focus on strengths to benefit current and future customers accelerate implementation times, and reduce operation and maintenance efforts

What’s your focus? Customer Service or Customer Experience?

According to Shaun Smith, a well-known CEM expert and author of Managing the Customer Experience – turning customers into advocates,’ “Customer service is usually what an organization does to the customer, often via its people. Customer experience is what that customer receives at every touchpoint through processes, products and people.”

How do these two strategies differ in terms of Business Objectives, Brand Promise, Customer Communications, People Management, and Performance Metrics?

Would Your Employees Recommend Your Company?

New Forrester report examines employee advocacy scores. Sadly, most employees could not recommend their company’s products or services.

If Vending Machines Offer Relevant Buyer Recommendations, Shouldn’t Contact Centers?

A new Japanese canned drink vending machine uses facial recognition technology to “recommend” drinks based on the customer’s age, gender, and other factors — and sales have tripled when compared to regular vending machines. Makes you wonder why more contact centers don’t offer relevant recommendations to their customers?

B2Me morphs into B2We

B2Me is an interesting term. The “me” highlights that every consumer does indeed have a voice and social media provides a simple platform for communicating. If many “me(s)” begin to converse and communicate around a particular concern, then you get the power of “we” – or B2We – and you can be sure a company will be listening.

Smart Energy Requires Smart Contact Centers

Dennis Smith over at Chartwell (utility industry research firm) finds emerging smart grid and the energy management programs and services combined with more communication channels requires better skilled customer service representatives.

The Customer Experience and the Call Center Parts 1, 2 and 3 from The Taylor Research Group

At Cincom, we preach about the agent carrying the brand torch. But as Colin points out, the agent can only do what the company dictates. “At all of the key points during the call the agent has an opportunity to support the brand messages and to meet the customer expectations or not.”

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