Social CRM – Fad or Here to Stay?

Social CRM is mistakenly referred to as social media monitoring, however, that is incorrect; it encompasses a much broader spectrum of the value chain, and most importantly, includes participating in the conversations.

A Warning to Contact Centers: Give Power Back to the People

These tried-and-true methods could improve your relationships with your customers. How would you build a customer experience strategy to engage, inspire and guide?

You Got Your CEM in My CRM!

This article is written by Nadine Tafford. Nadine is an experience consultant with competencies gained over 10 years of consultative solution selling of software and services solutions to corporate and government organisations. Focused on solution consulting and troubleshooting, Nadine specialises in helping businesses optimising their performance in areas such as: Solution selling, Customer Experience, CRM, Document Solutions and Business Intelligence.

10X Exceeded Costs Due to Poor Call Center Engagement

Call center leaders and practitioners frequently talk about engagement, or the lack of it, and the effects on the contact center; higher attrition, lower FCR and lower customer satisfaction scores. However, the impacts to the business far outweigh those to the contact center. Consider your average revenue per contact. Then consider how many poor interactions […]

4 Biggest Issues Facing the Contact Center in 2013

2013 is the year for finding the right employees and keeping the right talent. Brian Flagg, Senior Client Executive for Cincom Systems was featured on an expert panel during a Contact Center Spring 2013 Conference where he shared the best practices, social media tips, technologies and hiring strategies for the upcoming year. Technology “Technology can […]

Customer Experience: The next hurdle for ACOs

Guided interactions, standardized treatments, and shortening the revenue cycle can help ACOs and Medical Homes provide a better patient and caregiver experience.

Is disengagement spreading to your top performers?

Last week, Brian Flagg talked about a game he like to play when he makes a customer service call into contact centers. He tries to guess whether or not the agent he’s talking to is a satisfied employee or a disengaged one. Let’s take this game one step further – after you figure out what type of employee you’re talking to, what do you imagine their working environment is like.

What type of contact center employee are you talking to?

I like to play a game whenever I call a contact center. I try to imagine who I’m talking to on the other end.

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